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A SMASHing Update

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I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for awhile, since I’ve had my SMASH book for about 8 months now. I have to say, I’m not that great at updating it – but I’m getting better! It’s actually really hard to get used to picking up business cards or saving receipts, or other things that are normally inconsequential & trash-worthy. But I think I’ve succeeded at SMASHing most of the important things that have gone on this year.

First off, this is what my SMASH book looks like:



I had to get one those nifty bands to hold it all together, or else it would look like this:


Some sample pages that don’t need any explanation:









I didn’t actually go to New York this year, but when I got hooked on tiny crossbody bags, I had to downsize my wallet & found these things still in my old one from my two trips to NYC in 2011:



Things I’ve accomplished or experienced since starting my SMASH book:



I had to document the only accident I’ve ever been in. Except this was a hit & run that happened while my car was parked on the street overnight, so I guess technically I’ve still never been in an accident [& I hope to keep it that way]!



So that’s what I’ve got so far in my SMASH book. I enjoy it, but every time I see someone else’s beautiful book I’m like ‘damn, I suck at this!’. Oh well – the point is to be “messy & beautiful” [which is perfect for me since I’m so bad at scrapbooking]!

I also finally gave my best friend her Christmas/Birthday present which means I can post about this beautiful infinity scarf I made. I’m so jealous – why is it that I can make adorable things for other people, but not for myself? I just don’t understand. But it turned out beautifully & she loved it, & that’s what matters. :]






In other news, I went to a grad school interview in February & got accepted! The funny thing is that this place was at the very bottom of my list when I first applied, but a lot can change a. after you’ve gotten lots of rejections & b. after you visit & fall in love. I really loved it there – the area, the program, & the people – & am fairly certain I’m going to commit to attending soon.

Oregon State Logo




I also got waitlisted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which basically means they liked me & I was qualified, but that they liked others more & wanted to offer their open spots to them first. My being accepted or rejected hangs on how many of the people they originally accepted choose to accept the offer.

US-Madison Logo




Either way, the wait is finally over. All the work & lack of sleep & lack of crafting & anxiety was worth it. I’m going to grad school! YAY!


I hope Spring has come early where you are as it seems to have here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s beautiful & sunny out today, even tho it’s still only 40 degrees out.

Happy Crafting!




My First SMASH Book

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So a while back, I came across this¬†blog after I came across an image from her post about her SMASH books on CraftGawker. I was on the hunt for a different kind of planner for my upcoming school year, & thought that maybe this would be the answer. It wasn’t, but I am so glad that I came across her blog about these amazing books.

Basically a SMASH book is a scrapbook for your everyday life. It’s a journal full of scrapbook pages, as well as various list pages – it has a pocket in the back, & comes with a pen/glue stick. You can buy a variety of accessories for your SMASH book, such as tabs, pockets, washi tape, etc. at Michaels, or online. The blog owner I linked above used hers as a creative organizer, which is a wonderful idea. You can organize ideas from magazines, the internet, & other places. I’m excited about mine because I want to use it as I described it originally – a scrapbook for my everyday life.

They come in a variety of sizes, colors & styles. The ones I have recently come across include a retro-themed book, an eco-friendly book, a wedding-themed book, a baby-themed book, & the pretty pink book, which is the one I purchased for myself. My book arrived at my door less than an hour ago, & I’m already thinking of the possibilities for every book I’ve ever seen.

My first SMASH book will be simple. I’m about to start my final year at my undergraduate university, & it should be an intense & action packed year. I want to use this book to document the journey. This is the year I’ll be applying to & [hopefully] getting accepted to graduate schools, as well as finishing up my research & traveling to conferences to present it. I already have big plans for specific pages in my book – I want to use the “Things to do” page to make a list of what I hope to accomplish this year, & I can check them off when I do! I want to use the pages that look sort of like the old date cards in library books to keep track of the books I complete this year, because I’m an avid reader & I’ve never attempted to keep track of them. Finally, I want to use the “Top Ten” page next summer, after the year has ended, to write in the “Top Ten” events & memories of the year. All the pages in between will hopefully be full of ticket stubs, pictures, & receipts from the fun I have with family & friends.

So that’s my latest ¬†adventure in crafting & creativity. Go find your inner-scrapbooker & buy yourself a SMASH book – I don’t think you’ll regret it. :]