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An Extended Vacation

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Hi guys! I know it’s been forever & I know I keep saying this will stop happening – but who am I kidding! I’m a student, & life is always insane!

I graduated from college in May & moved home to live with my parents for the summer. At home, I got a full time job & pretty much did that for 4 months, while packing & getting things ready for my big move 8 hours south for graduate school! Now, the time has come for me to make the big move, & unfortunately my MASSIVE craft collection can’t come with me.

My apartment in my new hometown is tiny. Like so small, it doesn’t even have a real closet or a full-sized fridge. That’s right, I’m going to have to survive with only a mini-fridge for a year. Yikes! Anyways, the lack of a closet or ANY storage for that matter makes it really difficult for me to take my bins & bins of yarn, embroidery thread, sewing machine, craft books, etc. with me. I can’t even begin to tell you how sad this makes me.

Ultimately, I hope to get a two bedroom apartment I can afford & keep the rest of my years in graduate school. That way, I’ll have a bedroom AND a craft room… & a living room & kitchen, which I’m not really used to having in separate places either!

I also feel the need to apologize for my lack of crafting & blog updating this summer. I’m not really sure what happened. For the first month of summer, I remember being so elated at being a college graduate. I sat in the sun & tried to tan [‘tried’ being the keyword], I read lots of books, I crocheted, & I bugged my dad to help me clear a space for my sewing machine. I was so gung ho about having 5 whole months off! Then I got a job, & all that went out the window. All I did after that was sleep, eat, shower, & work. & now, it’s suddenly September & I’m moving out of state in a few short days. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Hell if I know.


One last thing – On August 5th I had almost 600 views on my blog! That’s super crazy for this blog, especially because I haven’t been updating it. Over 400 of the views were said to be brought here by Facebook, but my Facebook page hasn’t been getting much traffic lately so it couldn’t have been from there. Many of the views were only for my one post, the Sharpie Mug post, which isn’t all that uncommon, but typically if people are brought to the blog they look around a little & other pages [home & about] get some hits. I guess I was just kind of confused & wondered if this is a common thing. Was it some sort of spam? Could someone have linked to my page & I have no idea? Am I just worrying too much when I should just be enjoying my small spike in views for a day? I know. I can’t help it.


Thanks for reading guys. I’m taking my knitting needles & crochet hooks with me to graduate school, but no yarn. That means I have hope that some crafting may occur at some point this year. Otherwise, I’ll see you in a year, when I have a new apartment & ample space to frolic & craft in!


The semester from hell

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Hello everyone. Once again, it’s been far too long since I’ve been able to update my favorite blog. The main reason I haven’t updated is because I haven’t done much crafting or cooking the last 3 months. This semester was absolutely insane. I’ve never experienced such a busy semester, && I’m finishing up my 8th. At least it’s nearly over. In 8 days time, I’ll be done with my finals & ready for Summer. I seriously cannot wait.

Speaking of college, many of my best friends are graduating this year. I’m going to miss them a lot, but I’m excited to see where everyone is a year from now, when I’m graduating. It was especially hard for awhile because I knew that I was originally supposed to graduate this year too. BUT things change, & bigger, better opportunities come up – which for me, means an extra year of undergrad. So now, I’m class of 2013 – & now that I’ve come to terms with it, I’m actually kind of thankful. I’m so not ready for graduate school.

My best friend Jessica & her boyfriend

Also, I’m STILL working on the scarf that I’ve now had for months & months. I’ve tried to do it in my free time, but sometimes it takes too much focus when I just want to relax. And, it’s now April & 60-70 degrees out here – I figure it probably doesn’t matter when my friend gets his scarf now, as long as it’s before October. I’m sure I’ll work on it a ton next week. Once my last final is over on Wednesday, it’s going to be SO weird to not have anything to worry about. But, I’m determined to get this thing done, ends weaved in, & ¬†blocked so I can send it off & work on some other stuff. I’ve been craving crocheting lately – I really want to make a headband or work on some granny squares for my parents blanket. I’d also like to sew. I’ve had my sewing machine for several months now & only gotten one thing made with it. Every time I walk into a thrift store, I end up leaving with several handfuls of fabric scraps from their ‘notions’ area. I think I want to try & make something quilted. Either way, I know that when I get this scarf finished, I’m done taking commissions for awhile. I want to craft for myself, & for the Etsy that I want to open this Summer. I’m so over being stressed about something that I used to enjoy doing so much.

Okay, so now let’s get to why I decided to do this post in the first place. I made a mug cake today & had to share it, because I love it SO much. I make these easy, microwave cakes a lot because I live alone & they’re super easy prep & cleanup – something that is embarrassingly important to me these days. Anyways, the only one I’ve ever actually tried making is from this¬†website, & that’s because it’s so good & so simple. This one is a peanut butter cake that only takes an egg, flour, baking powder, brown sugar, & peanut butter. I always add chocolate chips, & lots of them, but you could probably add anything you want! Seriously though – this is a must try. What are you waiting for?!

Let me know what you think of the cake – & point me in the direction of any others I should try! I hope everyone is less stressed than I am, & I can’t wait to start blogging regularly again here in a couple weeks! :]