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Coffee coffee coffee [How to make a latte at home without an espresso machine]

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I’m writing this post because I have to tell you guys about my miracle latte.

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a coffee addict. A coffee-holic. I can’t go a single day without a cup [or several] of coffee. But don’t confuse me for a coffee snob. I love coffee too much to be especially picky about it, which is why this discovery is so wonderful. I hope this post can be a help to my fellow snob-free coffee lovers, especially those who, like me, can hardly afford to purchase their daily latte & can relate to actually paying for it with change from their car/couch/purse/friends on several occasions.

My best friend gave me $50 to spend ‘irresponsibly’ for my birthday. I chose to purchase [after a lot of serious decision making, because a few seasons of Friends also sounded very appealing] a stovetop espresso maker & everything I would need to go with it. I spent the weekend in my hometown with my family, so mom & I made a trip to the local Bed, Bath, & Beyond to purchase my prize. Unfortunately, they only sold six- & nine-cup Bialetti’s in store, so I had to special order a smaller one & come to terms with the fact that I would not be hand-making myself some latte’s that evening. But, after purchasing two bottles of flavoring & a pound of espresso, I decided to try and make some latte’s anyway.

I’m sure I’m not the first to do this, but all those time I did a Google search on ‘how to make a latte at home without an espresso machine’, nothing like this ever came up. Basically, all I did was brew espresso in a coffee pot, with a few scoops of espresso & a small amount of water [since you only need maybe 2 or 3 oz of espresso for your beverage], add an ounce of flavoring, heat & froth some milk, & voila – I had a latte, & it even tastes like a latte that you would get at your local coffee house!

I used a shot glass & measured out a few shot-glass-fulls of espresso to my cup, along with a shot-glass-full of flavoring. I heated milk in the microwave for 3 minutes [don’t forget to take it out & stir it at 2 minutes so it doesn’t explode on you] & then used a hand blender to froth it before using a spoon to hold the foam back while pouring the milk into the cup of espresso & flavoring, then I added a dollop of foam to the top. Tonight I actually tried using my coffee press to froth my milk & WOW, if you like thick heavy foam, this is the way to go. The hand blender seems to take a lot longer, is a lot messier, & makes a much thinner foam. I only had to pump my coffee press once or twice before realizing I already had an inch or more of foam. They also sell a variety of milk frothers at department stores that you can look into, but if you have a hand blender or coffee press, there’s no need!

I’m sorry for my lack of pictures. Since I was home, the few I got was difficult enough. Maybe I’ll get to take some better ones when I get my Bialetti.

I got my espresso at Winco, a local discount grocery store that I absolutely love. A pound was only $7.00. I got the coffee flavoring at URM for about $3.50 each, which I thought was an amazing price & why I ended up purchasing two bottles.

This is a picture of the first miracle latte I made. Doesn’t really look like much but just TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. Seriously.

I also took some pictures of the other things I got for my birthday from Jessica & her boyfriend Cookie. They both graduated last weekend & left town for good yesterday, which I’m absolutely still in denial about. But anyways, Jessica gave me a scrapbook of our four years together, which was amazingamazingamazing, & Cookie got me two seasons of Friends that I was SO EXCITED about. It really just makes me want to buy the other 8 seasons, but I have to remind myself that that would be very irresponsible, & I already spent my $50 of guilt-free money. SIGH.


Also, I got my test swatch of clothing labels while I was home for the weekend & I’m a little sad to say that they didn’t turn out. But it’s okay – perfect, actually – because while I was home, I realized that I wanted to have some sort of image as part of my logo. It didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to use a lilac, because it has some meaning to me since my hometown is the ‘Lilac City’ & we always had them in our yard when I was growing up. I think I remember my favorite flower being lilacs when I was much younger, & a boy that “liked me” when I was in 3rd grade picked some & brought them to school for me. Plus, I always see birds, scrolls, & other random [but adorable] things used, & I wanted something somewhat unique. So, I did some redesigning the last couple days & came up with an Etsy banner and clothing label logo that I like much better.

It also looked much more promising when I uploaded it to Spoonflower than the last batch did.

So, I’ll have to reorder them soon. I suppose this is the exact reason you order a ‘test swatch’ first. Hopefully this batch will work out & this will be my permanent logo – but I’m not worried, I think it will be.


Thanks for reading & happy Mother’s Day [a couple hours late]!


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