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Today I was perusing Tumblr, which I often enjoy doing to get a laugh & waste time, when I came across a sewing tutorial for a ruffled needle holder by luvinthemommyhood, & through her site, found See Kate Sew. I’ve been on her site a few times, but I’ve never really spent time exploring it, which I decided to do today. I came across so many wonderful tutorials & found myself admiring the labels she puts on all of her products.

Making or purchasing labels for my original work is something I’ve been considering for over a year now, I just never really got around to looking into it or pricing it properly. But today, after admiring Kate’s labels & tutorials, I came across a tutorial for the labels themselves, & I was so excited! I had no idea it was so simple, & so inexpensive!

Kate’s information about how to create & purchase clothing labels is here.

Basically, all you need to do is create a design with photo-editing software. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with Gimp. It’s free, it’s easy to use, & it does everything I need it to do [since I’m barely tech savvy enough to work even it]. My personal design is rather simple. Many months ago, I created an Etsy banner in preparation for the day I am [hopefully] able to open an Etsy shop.

Like I said, plain & simple – but it gets the point across & that’s all I wanted it to do. So, I decided that when I made my labels, I just wanted them to generally match the font I used for my Etsy banner. Maybe most normal people wouldn’t notice it – but I do, & I think it sort of pulls things together nicely to have my Etsy match my labels. I used a slightly different font for “The ____ To Tell”, but I think it worked out.

I made mine a .5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide, though before I uploaded them, I did as Kate suggested & added .5 inches to all sides so that there would be space for cutting. I think I might regret not adding a full inch to the sides when it comes time to iron & sew, but we’ll see.

Once you have your design figured out, you can amble on over to Spoonflower & upload it. I wasn’t sure which fabric to use, so I decided to go with the basic Kona Cotton, which is the first & cheapest on the fabric list, & I also selected ‘test swatch’. You can choose any size you would like, but the amount of labels the test swatch will give me [about 100] I figured would be enough for me to start out with. Here’s what the page should look like:

Once you get that far, all you need to do is purchase your labels! I was pleasantly surprised to find that shipping was only $1, so my 8×8 test swatch of 100+ labels was only going to cost me a total of $6! I decided to splurge [hardly a splurge, more like a STEAL] & buy them immediately since the labels should be washed/dried before use, & I’ll be going home next weekend for my birthday [I don’t own a washer & dryer].

Kate suggests you, as previously stated, wash, dry, & iron the fabric before cutting out your labels. She also gives some great tips on pressing & sewing the edges  so that they are ready to use when you need them.

I hope you were all as excited about this discovery as I was! I can’t wait to finish putting my labels together & use them for the first time!


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