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Summer has arrived!

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So this is going to be a long post. There were a few things I’d been meaning to post about when I had the time, but that ‘few’ turned into a lot more very quickly. I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot more than I thought I had!

First, I finally took some good pictures of the scarf that has recently become the bane of my existence. The pictures turned out great & it looks fairly complete – but it isn’t. I keep thinking so too, but it probably needs a foot or more to make it a decent scarf. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, there’s a lot more work that will go into it after it’s completion [note the tails on every row & the curling]. Either way, at least this is proof that I’ve been spending every spare minute working on it, & I haven’t given up [though I sometimes wish I could].

So, it’s coming along & I think it’s pretttttty. It’s just tedious & time consuming. Crafting should never feel tedious & time consuming.

Next on my list: I told you all months ago that my dad was going to make me a thread holder for my sewing space, & he did! It looks so great! He obviously had a lot of fun with it, because he spent lots of time making it especially functional & stylish – it even MATCHES my sewing machine! He made it so that there are about 4 shelves of thread/bobbin storage, & 3 bigger shelves to hold jars of buttons, etc., & the very bottom shelf we made into a ribbon holder/dispenser. Anyways, I really love this addition to my crafting collection, & I’m sure it will get years of use.

Here it is along with the entire sewing corner. I recently did some organizing & cleared out the drawers of the desk so that it could hold my sewing accessories & other crafty items. I also placed my sewing/crafting books next to my printer on the right [since every other bookshelf I own seems to be overflowing with movies &/or other books!].

Most days tho, my sewing area looks like this, with my sewing machine all cozy in it’s cover. Hopefully that will change very soon. :]

So, I’ve always really loved thrift stores, especially for the cheap, good books you can buy. But recently, I discovered the hidden treasure of buying fabric from thrift stores. Some thrift stores have specific ‘notions’ areas, which are my absolute favorite. When my parents were here for my university’s Mom’s Weekend a few weeks ago, we went to all the thrift stores in the area & I bought TONS of fabric. This time around, I mostly just got scraps [fat quarters & the like], but I also have a huge roll of tulle & other fabrics that I found at thrift stores in the past.

The only issue with scraps is that they’re just that. They’re too small to do much with & many of the patterns I want to try need larger cuts of fabric. So, I’ve been considering my options & I think I might just have some fun sewing pieces together & making things out of the pieced together fabric. But I’ll keep you posted.

A few months ago, I successfully followed & pattern & sewed my first item. It was a simple little reversible bag, & I think I did pretty well considering it was my first time. I think I printed the pattern out wrong [I don’t think I did it at 100%] & I didn’t choose especially attractive fabric, but it was just practice, so all of that is okay. The good news is, I didn’t sew any handles together or something like that [though, I nearly did, haha]. I got the pattern here.

The last thing I wanted to post about were the gifts I made my best friend Jessica for her birthday this year. I knew I couldn’t afford anything serious, so I figured some cute, handmade gifts would work, && they did! They actually turned out way better than I expected, I was pretty excited. I pretty much everything about it was made my hand, except for the frame of the embroidery. I made the mat for the frame myself, as well as the roses on the frame. So fun! :] I got the pattern for the cow here.

So, now I’m FINALLY caught up on blogging about the crafting I did this semester. A few of the things on my list for this summer are:


2. Make mom this shrug [in a cream color].

3. Work on my granny square blanket.

4. Make dad fingerless gloves.

5. Make things for my Etsy stock & open my Etsy

6. Have fun!

I’m off for now. Once Upon A Time will be on soon – I’ll watch it while I spend some time working on that scarf.


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