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Wow, guys. I think it’s been a month or more since I’ve posted. Honestly, this blog isn’t the only thing in my life I’m struggling to keep up with. School has been INSANE. I literally just came off a week in LA for the Pac-12 basketball tournament, & a week of Spring Break, but nothing slowed down while I was gone, that’s for sure. If anything, it got crazier. This week I had presentations, meetings, research, homework, group papers, etc. I didn’t think I was going to make it to the weekend!

My crafting has fallen to the wayside, sort of. I’m only working on one thing: a scarf for a guy in the band. The issue here is that he gave me the yarn & I started on it nearly a month ago, which seems like a long, long time. But, when you figure in the fact that I had to do tons of school work & exam make-ups before missing a week of school for LA, & then was swamped with school this last week after Spring Break – I can tell you that that time seems a lot longer for him than it does for me. So, I’m feeling awful because I’m working my tail off on a scarf I told him I would have done before Spring Break, & then after Spring Break, & here we are a week out of break & I’m STILL not finished with it. But this is a learning experience, & my new #1 rule: Don’t give yourself a deadline, & ESPECIALLY don’t promise to have something done at a certain time when it comes to making things for other people. Also, I wanted this scarf to be awesome & perfect because the guy got really, really nice yarn for it, so I wasted the first week just preparing to make the scarf & asking exactly how & what he wanted done. My new rule #2: Make a plan, propose the idea, & do what YOU think will work for you and your schedule [if your customer likes your idea, of course]. I know for this scarf, I’m knitting it on small needles, & it’s a chevron pattern that I have to pay attention to at all times so I don’t mess it up, & it’s striped. Bad, bad, bad. No wonder it’s taking so long – knitting is so time consuming. You work forever & get like an inch. Plus, I’m going to have hundreds of ends to weave in when I finish, & I’ll have to block it because it’s curling up. Now I remember why knitting is not my favorite craft.

Also, I was so excited because people wanted to pay for me to make them stuff, which sounds good in theory, but a lot of people aren’t as honest as I am, I guess. Because I’ve already made things for a few people who originally said ‘Can you make this, I’ll pay you!’ & then didn’t pay me when they got it from me. I guess I should say something along the lines of ‘Hey, your _____ is ready. Don’t forget _____ dollars! :]’ But really? I just feel like that shouldn’t be necessary. People should have some respect for me & my work – Pay me if you say you’re going to pay me! It’s especially frustrating because a lot of these people are friends & people I see every single day. It just amazes me – I am such a trustworthy person when it comes to money. I will ALWAYS pay someone back, or pay them for something they make me. ALWAYS. But, most of the world isn’t trustworthy with money, they’ll ‘forget’ or ‘don’t have it right now’ or whatever, which makes me & my honesty hard for people to believe. But basically, this is just another learning experience & new rule #3: People who don’t pay me for my work, get put on a ‘do not make for again’ list, & new rule #4: Make it clear to customers that it costs _____ & they will have to pay me in cash when or before I give them their item. Something I do sometimes is have people buy their own yarn. On one hand, it works because they get the color & bulkiness they want, & I usually get to keep the yarn [which I guess kind of makes up for my labor], but on the other hand, sometimes they get the wrong kind of yarn, or yarns that don’t work together, & I don’t get paid for actually taking the time to make the item. But although it has it’s cons, I think this is my favorite rule of thumb to make it so customers are definitely paying in some way.

I probably have pictures I could put up, but I’m already writing this blog when I should be doing HW or knitting that scarf – I just wanted to update you all on my crafting woes. Also, if anyone has any tips or tricks to prevent these problems in the future – please leave a comment!

Happy crafting! :]


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  1. Glad to see you are posting again! I stumbled onto your blog (somehow) when you first started it and I’ve enjoyed your posts…

    I’ve had a lot of experience in selling handmade items in the past and my number one rule is – Full Payment before I even start the project! No exceptions, ever (even for family or close friends!)

    If they intend to pay and respect you and your work they’ll have no problem with it… more likely they’ll see that you are running a real business and are actually a talented crafter whose work should be valued.


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