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I’m currently hanging out at my favorite coffee shop downtown with Shawna. I got up pretty early today for having a day off. I’m not a morning person, but I wish I were. My days off would be a lot more productive if I got up before 11am on a regular basis. But last night I was tired & went to bed extra early, so I made sure to set an alarm for 9am.

I haven’t been doing tons of crafting recently, but I posted all my knitted & crocheted items on Facebook & it blew up. I got so much great feedback, and now I actually have a few orders of things people would like to pay me to make them! It’s super exciting, & a great pre-Etsy run, I think.

So last week, the friend I made the Gryffindor scarf for asked me to make her a matching headband with the leftover yarn. The first thing I did was make the flower [a new pattern I found that I absolutely LOVE for headbands], but then she requested that I put an owl on it. At first I was skeptical, not sure if I’d be able to do it or find a pattern for it. The first pattern I tried was unsuccessful, I didn’t understand some of the instructions, but the second one was so easy, and so cute! Turns out, this owl headband may have been one of the best things I’ve ever made – everyone seems to really enjoy it, & I know that I’ve personally never seen anything like it. Plus, the owner of the pattern allows selling the things you embellish with it, which I love and appreciate.

So with the flower I had made, I decided to try a new, simple headband pattern that I single crochet together in the back.

I’m currently waiting for cable needles that I bought last week to get here. They might actually be in my mailbox, I just haven’t checked yet today. I got them from KnitPicks & I’m really excited to try them out. Since I learned to cable using a single double pointed needle, I knew that I wanted a straight cable needle but they don’t seem to sell them in the craft stores. All I could find around here were ones with a dip in the metal to hold stitches, or ones that were shaped sort of like a hook. So these needles are perfect for me, & I’m extra excited because they’re made with Harmony wood, which I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for awhile now.

My sewing machine is also on it’s way. Last I checked, it had left Cali and was headed for Portland, Oregon. The tentative delivery date to my parents house is Feb. 6th. I can’t wait! I know I still won’t get it for a few more weeks, but it was a big purchase – so it’ll be a huge sigh of relief when it shows up safe & sound, & in working order. I’ve been busy on Pinterest & CraftGawker lately, pinning & favoriting as many sewing patterns, tutorials, and ‘classes’ as I can get my hands on. I also bought a couple easy Simplicity patterns at my local Walmart, including some pillow covers & an apron. :]

In my blitz of sewing pattern searching, I found a few different ways to store and organize thread that could also be considered wall art. I sent a few of these pictures to dad & asked him to make me the one that he thought would be most useful to me, and that he liked the most.

He said he liked the last one, with the shelves best. It was also the one that I thought would be the most useful, since it’s easier to see and sort the thread colors, plus there is a place to store bobbins of the same colors! Now I have another thing to look forward to when my parents come to visit!

I recently had an itch to take up a new craft. This tutorial was my inspiration. I absolutely LOVE the idea of using patterned fabric as a sort of pattern for embroidering. What a beautiful embellishment! So I thought, well, I used to do cross-stitch and needlework when I was younger, and I have TONS of embroidery floss – I should try it! So I purchased a yard of osnaburg fabric, as well as a roll of some embroidery fabric I found at Michaels, some needles, a disappearing ink fabric marker, and a hoop. I learned the split stitch, the stem stitch, the back stitch, the chain stitch and the french knot from this how-to on the Sublime Stitching blog. So after a few practice runs, I decided to copy a pattern [of jelly beans!] onto my fabric & embroider it. I can already tell that I need to broaden my horizons a bit – my favorite stitches are the back stitch and the french knot, & I really really don’t like the chain stitch, even though it’s beautiful [probably because I suck at executing it]. But either way, I felt really good about my first attempt & I can’t wait to do more.

Please disregard the pink on the top – those were all my practice stitches. & the lower right jelly bean – I tried something new with the eyes & it didn’t really work out for me.

So that’s been my week. I have a few things I have to make for sales, but also on my list are a shrug for mom, finger-less gloves for dad, and a birthday present for my best friend, plus the granny square blanket for my parents and practicing practicing practicing embroidery. Wish me luck!


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