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Surprise purchase!

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I bought a sewing machine. I bought a sewing machine!

I’m so so so excited! I feel like I just invested in my future. &, I can cross another thing off my list of new years resolutions for crafting! I’ve been looking into buying a sewing machine for awhile now, but this one felt right. It’s beautiful, has lots of features, and is a nice enough machine that I should be able to get many, many years of use out of it, rather than purchasing a cheaper, beginner machine & having to buy a new one in a few years, as I was originally planning. I have to say, the fact that it is so pretty really made a huge difference to me. Basic sewing machines that I’ve been looking at in store are boring & ugly.

This is the Singer 160 Anniversary Edition.  I guess it was just unveiled today. Mom had called to tell me to watch HSN because the sewing machines would be on & maybe it would inspire me to finally sign up for the sewing class I’ve been wanting to take. I didn’t end up watching because I was working on more summer research application stuff, but when I was done I went on Pinterest & immediately saw this machine. I was telling mom about it & she said it was on the show she told me to watch. I looked into it & fell in love. I was going to buy circular knitting needles with my tax return money – but I appreciate this purchase much, much more.

It’s getting sent to my parents place because mom is always home & will be able to get it as soon as it shows up rather than it sitting outside my apartment door, & then they’ll bring it down when they come visit in a few weeks. I’m super anxious to get it, but I can be patient… maybe.



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  1. Sewing is sooo fun!!!! It’s awesome and if you want patterns I have two I believe. One for these really cute aprons. :]

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