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Not a lot to say today. I don’t even have any pictures to spruce up this post. I haven’t made anything new, & no progress on the potential boot cuffs I was trying to make. I’ve been hooked on making granny squares. The more I have, the more exciting they get to make! It’s great, because that’s how I hoped it would be. I now have 12 squares, & I try to make two a night [baby steps!]. I really hope I can keep the momentum going on this one, because I’m so excited to complete my first crocheted blanket, and even more excited to give it away to my parents! They’re coming to visit me at school President’s Day weekend, & it would be great if by some miracle I could complete it by then. I doubt it though, since I don’t just want to join them normally, but with a technique that adds granny stitches between all the squares in the same color that I outlined them in. I feel like that will take some time & effort as well. SIGH. But I’ll keep working hard – maybe I can do it. :]

I just finished reading Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, the final book in his Inheritance Cycle. I could not WAIT to get my hands on this, & told my parents it was one of only two things I REALLY REALLY wanted for Christmas this last year [the other being the final Harry Potter dvd]. I prepared for getting the book by reading the first three, which worked out perfectly because I finished the third one on Christmas Day just in time to start the new one. I feel really satisfied with how this series ended. I feel complete and like the author did a wonderful job of tying up all the loose ends without really tying them up – you as the reader are able to keep an open mind and imagination and day dream about what happened next to the characters.

In the acknowledgments, he said he doesn’t rule out more books about the characters, and that he for sure wants to write more based in Alagaesia. At first I was not okay with that, but then I realized all the perspectives the stories could come from, & how great of a writer Paolini is. I’ve decided any books he wrote in that setting would probably be incredible & detailed.

It’s strange that I got so into those books. I’m usually not one for dragons and elves and dwarves. I don’t even know how I got my hands on the first book – I must have gotten it as a gift, or something, much like I did Harry Potter when I was 11. Either way, I really enjoyed the series & I’m very glad to be done with it. I have several [& by several, I mean a box full of probably 20+] books that I bought at thrift stores and can’t wait to read. I’m one of those people who goes into to a library or thrift store and leaves with literally an armful of books. I remember that when I bought all these ones, my parents were here & I was super broke, but I was willing to spend any and all money I had left on books. When they met back up with me & my teetering stack of books in the thrift store, they just said “Really? You’re buying all of those?” & shook their heads knowingly, amused with me. I’ve always been like this, & I think my parents find it endearing. Who wouldn’t want a kid who loves to read? Especially outside of my also intimidating & teetering amount of reading for college. Yikes.

So today when I got home from class, I immediately changed into comfy clothes & crawled into bed with a new book. This time, Jodi Picoult’s Handle With Care. I’m probably a little less than a quarter of the way through it & it’s already so good. I love her writing so much. It’s so educated & intelligent about these serious disabilities and how families handle them. They really tug at your heartstrings & make you think, which I really love.

When I get a little money I buy books; if any is left, I buy food & clothes. – Erasmus



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