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Disappointing Sunday

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Disappointing Sunday

I got up this morning & took pictures of my recent work in preparation to do a post. I was looking forward to my relaxing day, where I could read and crochet and enjoy my Sunday before my friends & I go bowling tonight & before my Monday starts with me leaving for the bus at 7:15am. I was especially looking forward to it because I got all four of my summer research applications done last night, and the next two days on my calendar are blank, which means I have no homework or meetings or anything except class going on until Wednesday. But then this girl I have to work with on an essay emailed me about a time for us to meet & work on it. After several emails, we got it figured out, & by some miracle, it’s not a time that completely sucks for me [though the first few times she wanted to meet were]. Either way, the whole thing was a lot more complicated than I made it sound & was my ;lksd;flkjsdf moment that ruined my peaceful Sunday, but at least we figured out a time & we’ll be done with it on Tuesday. WHEW.

So, back to the important stuff. I’ve been busy & stressed this week [as usual] and lacking proper crafting time. Either way, I still managed to do a little knitting and crocheting.

First off, I made another coffee cozy. This time, it turned out more like the one I was originally trying to create. It tapers, sort of like a mini-headband, as one of my friends said, so that you can use it either for a hot to-go cup, or for a regular glass coffee mug.

I’ve been carrying this one around with me for when I buy coffee  on campus, & it works great except I think I need to make future cozies a row or two smaller. Once it stretches a little it slides up & I always worry that it’ll make the lid pop off my cup. Also, I still haven’t finished the knitted coffee cozy I was making. I got bored with it & was excited about making other things. It snowed a TON here last week, so much so that we actually got a snow day, which is something that never happens at WSU, since we live in an area that can typically handle the weather. It wasn’t very exciting for me, since it was on a Thursday & I already don’t have class then – but it did prompt me to want to make myself a few more headbands. I made everyone super cute ones for Christmas, but I still only have one or two for myself. So Friday night, I whipped out a red cable-braided headband, but I don’t have any pictures of it because 1. the mannequin head that I ordered hasn’t arrived yet & 2. it didn’t turn out very well, unfortunately. I didn’t want to use bulky yarn, so I used worsted & took the needle size down, & it didn’t really work out.

I’ve been wanting to work on the granny square blanket I’m making for my parents, so I finally dug all the yarn out for it & put it in an easily accessible basket so I could work on the squares while watching TV. I now have 8 squares, & they’re so pretty! I have to say, I picked out some really great colors for this blanket.

I’m really awful at working on this for the same reasons I’m awful at working on the wool-eater blanket – I get bored. I get SO tired when I make more that one of these. It’s just super monotonous work, but it makes me sad because I really want to be able to make more & finish it soon. My parents want it to be a little big on their full size bed, since they fight for covers all the time. I think we figured that I’d need like 80 or 90 squares for it to be the right size. That’s really not that many, & I think once I get past the first 20 or so it will be much easier to see the light. I just know it’s going to be gorgeous & I can’t wait to see [& wrap up in] the finished product.

So I FINALLY got a picture from band banquet of me wearing the shrug I made!

Isn’t it so cute?! I’ve never made an actual clothing item, so the fact that it turned out so well & that I got so many compliments on it & the clutch, which you can’t really see in this picture, was so great! It went so well with the dress & everyone loved it. I can’t wait to make more sweaters/shrugs/etc!

Right now, along with my granny squares, I’m working on making faux boot sock/boot cuff. I’m kind of drawing inspiration from this pattern & this picture/pattern, but mostly making up my own pattern as I go. I really want to make actual decorative boot socks & I’m SO in love with these:

But I have yet to purchase or learn how to properly use circular needles or dpns, so knitting up my own pair is a little unlikely. I’ve been looking for some crochet knee-socks, & found one or two – so I might try them out soon.

So that’s my craftiness for the week. It’s nearly midnight, & tomorrow’s Monday – UGH.


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