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I’ve been so busy lately guys! & not all work, but actually some fun as well! Yesterday I finished the hat I was making. It turned out really well! I was worried at first, it seemed so thick & bulky. I attempted to try it on myself, but I’m going to be honest – slouchy hats aren’t my thing. I really wish they were, I love the look… on other people, just not me. Anyways, my friend Reanne was over tonight to watch Grey’s Anatomy with me, so I put the hat on her head & snapped some pics! I really should invest in a mannequin head or something, but in the mean time friends will do. Once again, I got this pattern here.

I was also CRAVING sweets last night, but not anything that’s in the giant bag of Christmas candy I have, of course. So I decided to make one of the recipes I’ve had saved from the days I would Stumble allllll the time. Side note, I really enjoy cooking & baking along with crafting, but I’m not very good at it – especially cooking. I literally don’t know how to keep my head when I’m in the kitchen, & I’m pretty good at panicking when things aren’t going right. Baking though, I’m decent at. I can make that work. ANYWAYS. I chose this Cake Batter Pancake recipe because it seemed relatively quick & easy with very few dishes. They were so yummy! Unfortunately, I don’t have any powdered sugar, so I was unable to make the icing to go with them, but they’re fabulous by themselves. Since I live alone & can’t eat them all myself, I froze the leftover with wax paper between each pancake. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but today I took a couple out & popped them in the microwave for a minute & they were perfect! So fun & so cute to make.

Today was an eventful day. I didn’t have any classes, but I got up extra early for a couple of reasons. First, I had to drive to my work to talk to my manager because I had decided to quit, but I knew I should do it in person. I live in Washington, & was working in Idaho. Not only was it like 15 miles round trip to get to work, but the minimum wage in Idaho is like $2 less than Washington & I was hardly working because of the distance & the scheduling issues between classes & band. They were so great about it & I have really good relationships with my managers & co-workers, so while I knew this was the best decision, it was still bittersweet – especially since I’ve been working with the company for 6 years; it was literally my first & only job since I was 16. So now, I’m on the job hunt again, but that was the plan. I feel like I’ve applied everywhere in this town, but I’m sure I’ll find more. Wish me luck, I need a job!

I also had a meeting with one of my McNair faculty members. McNair is a program that helps underrepresented students on the road to going to graduate school and ultimately getting their Ph.D. I’m supposed to have a faculty mentor [because we have to do our own research project with a faculty member & present it at conferences around the area and country], but I’ve had no luck with this recently. My meeting went really well & we have a new game plan that I’m super excited about & hopehopehope works out. Fingers crossed!

When I got home, I decided I wanted to make myself a real meal for dinner, rather than the usual top ramen or whatever. I made hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes, which is a recipe I got from my mom and absolutely love. I’m sure other people have made this before, but basically all it is is chopped onion, ground hamburger, cream of mushroom soup, milk, & garlic salt, over mashed potatoes. Sooo good. It’s a super hearty meal & it reminds me of home. Yum.

After my amazing dinner, I had the baking buzz again, and wanted to try something new. I found this interesting recipe for coca-cola cupcakes, & decided to try it because my parents sent me home with a 2-liter of Pepsi & half a case of root beer, neither of which I really drink. So, instead of ‘coca-cola cupcakes’, I made Pepsi Cupcakes.

I had so much fun with this recipe. You started by heating the coke, butter, & cocoa, as well as the sugars, which was unique to any other cupcakes I’ve made.

They were super good. I, once again, didn’t have powdered sugar, so I couldn’t make the frosting that goes with it, but I experimented with store-bought frosting & pepsi & it actually turned out pretty tasty! I gave a bunch of these babies away to Reanne when she was here, because she has a boyfriend and two roommates. It’s unfortunate that I love to bake so much when I live alone – 24 cupcakes is a little much for me.

So now I’m working on a giant infinity scarf for myself in a heather grey color. I’m pretty excited for it to be finished, even though I’ve been too busy baking to crochet! Next time you hear from me, hopefully there will be some progress!


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