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Sunday: The best & worst day of the week.

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Sometimes, I adore Sunday’s, & other times, I hate them. Today, it’s a little bit of both. I accomplished things I needed to accomplish today so I’m thankful for that, but I also start Spring semester tomorrow at 8am, & I’m so unprepared. Either way, it’s only 5:30pm, I got the one big thing I really needed to get done today done, which was to finally get a real start on my applications for summer research programs. Well, all I really did was write out my personal & research statements, but you’d be amazed at how difficult it is! Not only am I supposed to sell myself by talking about my research experience & what I would like to accomplish, etc., I also have to do it all in under 250 words! It’s awful, but I did it, finally. I’ve been putting it off for weeks, because I was dreading it so much. I sent them off to the director & assistant of my university’s McNair program to look them over & give them the okay, so basically I think I’ve gotten as far on the applications as I can for now. Now I can do some crafting!

So I’ve gotten a lot done the last few days. I went through my storage closet and dresser drawers & donated/threw out a TON of stuff. It’s so satisfying to do, but it was so much work. I reorganized the closet & got it rearranged so I had easier access to the things I had in storage. I have a dresser in there that was on the back wall originally, making it so I had to crawl all the way into the closet to access it – so I moved it around to the side of the closet by the door. Now all I have to do is hop up & sit in the doorway to get into the drawers. Much, much better!

I also purchased two 18 gallon tubs for more storage. Turns out, my yarn wouldn’t even fit into one of the tubs. So I made a ‘loose yarn’ bin, & a ‘projects’ bin. Now, I have these bins sitting together underneath my storage closet door, with a blanket over them to be used as additional seating, since I live in a studio apartment & my bed is the only real seating. Someday, I want to have a granny square blanket or my wool-eater blanket done to have there instead of the polk-a-dot one, but it works for now. I also think a lovely, colorful crocheted pillow would look fabulous on the ‘bench’. We’ll just have to see about that.

So lately I’ve been so everywhere with my knitting & crocheting. I feel… paralyzed, almost. I can’t make anything because I want to make EVERYTHING. Literally. I can’t stop looking at/saving blogs & patterns, even though I already have at least 15 things I would really like to do, & I don’t need more lined up. I think this has something to do with the fact that I’m in complete denial of my break is over & soon I’ll have to focus on school-work over my craft projects. How depressing.

I’ve been working on granny bunting lately, because I want to decorate my windows with them. It’s so adorable, & so fun. It’s taken me forever to finish though because I get bored after one triangle. No wonder I can’t pick a single project, I can’t even focus on one! Anyways though, I have 4 of the 5 triangles done, & after I finish this post, I plan on completing the final one. I can’t wait to see what they look like on my windows!

Aren’t they pretty? I feel like I’ll be making lots & lots of bunting in the coming months. I can’t wait to make holiday colored ones for the different times of year. I think something like this would be a great door decoration.

I also started a t-shirt rug. In my cleaning frenzy, I saved all my old t-shirts, tank tops, etc. that I thought were the right material. I decided to cut up 3 of the prettiest colored ones & start on this rug. & decided I wanted to make it a giant granny square, instead of the typical circle I usually see. It’s not very big yet, I think it’ll take many, many t-shirts before it’s the size I’d like it, so I plan to put this project aside for awhile until I can plead my friends to give me things they don’t want, or until I can go to Goodwill & buy some more. I’m pretty excited about it though, I think it will be nice & cute when it’s done.

I think I’m going to write myself a crafting to-do list. I have a lot of stuff I want to/need to make, & obviously I’m getting a little overwhelmed by it all. In the coming weeks & months, I’d like to make some progress, at least, on the things I want to make the most. Suggestions of fun, easy, & quick little in-between projects are always welcome – I will need something to keep me fresh & having fun.


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  1. your bunting is just gorgeous! I totally understand what you mean about being in a crafting tizz and having so much to make you don’t know what to make! Loving your rug too, I have grand plans to make a bath mat from t-shirts… once again its putting it to the top of my list!
    have an ace day XXX


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