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Late nights, coffee, Pandora, & yarn

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So I’m a night person. & by night, I really mean really early morning. Some nights, I don’t get to bed until 4am. & really, if it were up to me, if my life supported it & my body condoned it, that would be my usual bedtime. My favorite time is between 11pm & 3[ish]am. I feel like that is when the world is the quietest & most beautiful. Plus, I can usually think much better then, especially when it comes to writing. Unfortunately for me, I’m cursed with early mornings at least 3 days a week, so my habit of staying up late & sleeping late isn’t a good one to have. && the other weird thing: I totally LOVE mornings. I mean, obviously not when I only got 2 hours of sleep & have 6 hours of class or something. But if I could get myself to go to bed at 8pm & get up at 6am everyday, I would love that almost as much as my late nights. Maybe I’ll have to make that one of my personal resolutions this year – go to bed early, get up early. Just… not tonight. :p

I also really love my coffee late at night. I love my late-night coffee much more than my morning coffee, & no one understands! I drink too much coffee for it to be an energy driver, so I just drink it for the warmth & taste these days. Tonight, I wanted coffee especially because my friend from Hawaii brought me home a bag of Cinnamon Gingerbread Kona coffee that I had to try. Plus, I recently bought the most adorable coffee cup when I was home & shopping with my mom the other day.

Isn’t it cute? I love everything about it, but especially the wonderful little coaster/saucer it came with. I saw it & had to have it, && it was only $3! Can’t beat that. I think I’m going to become a collector of coffee mugs – I brought THREE home from my holiday break this year. I got two for Christmas & bought myself this one. It seems like every time I turn around, I end up with a few more coffee mugs in my cupboards. The worst part about it is that I usually get hooked on one specific cup & don’t use any of the other 50 I seem to have. I’ll have to start a rotation, so I can enjoy all my coffee mug goodness.

So, after a little time spent wondering what I was going to create next since my last post, I almost smacked myself in the face when I realized I’ve had a partially completed Wool-Eater blanket in the works now for a few months. I really really love everything about this pattern/tutorial. I never would have been able to do something like this without the incredibly detailed instructions & pictures. I’m having a hard time having any motivation to work on it [or the granny square blanket I’m trying to make for my parents] because I get bored with it so easily. It seems far too overwhelming & I want a result right now. I’m totally a knitter/crochet who needs some instant gratification, so I’m constantly working on other, smaller projects & putting my blankets off to the side. I think once I get at least one of them done [hopefully the wool-eater, since I’m keeping that one for myself] & see how beautiful the finished product is, it will make making blankets & more time consuming products a little easier & more fun for me.

I had a hard time with these pictures because it’s late at night & lighting in my apartment is bad. But you get the idea.

I also came across a cowl pattern I love. I really love any & all cowl patterns, but these days I try to contain my love for them, because I’ve already made 4 cowls/neckwarmers/infinity scarves, & I try to make things that will be useful to me. I suppose 20 cowls could be useful to me, but I just don’t have space for that! So I’ve got to start finding patterns I absolutely adore & stick to them. This is one of them. I really enjoy the color they used in the pattern image, but I think I’m going to do mine in a dusty rose/magenta color, since I don’t have any light grey in my stash.

There are just so many things I want to create. Suddenly my mind is exploding with all these ideas I have. While making the Gryffindor scarf for my friend, with a rather large hook, super soft yarn, & plain double crochet, I discovered the perfect, plain infinity scarf pattern I’ve been looking for & not finding. What I really want is a long, soft, cream-colored infinity scarf that can be doubled or tripled around my neck. I’ve seen them in stores all over the place, but refrained from buying one since I knew I could make it myself! I also want to make some bunting to go across my little window shades in my apartment, because they’re so boring & ugly. &&, I’m missing the holiday season & pining for the next one already, because I want to make crocheted Christmas ornaments & garland. There’s just so much I want to make & there’s no time/it’s the wrong time to do it all! :/

Maybe tomorrow, since I have absolutely nothing important to do, I’ll remember to take pictures of all my past creations so I can do a post on them.


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