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Taking a look back at Christmas

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I’ll probably do a few consecutive posts here in the next few days, simply so I can catch myself up to the present and the things I’m currently obsessing over. This post will be about Christmas & the gifts I whipped up for my college friends.

First, the headbands. I found this pattern a few months ago that was super easy & that I absolutely love. Not only was it simple & a wonderful beginner pattern, but it was as style that is so popular right now! I’ve seen these headbands everywhere, & have been fighting the urge to buy one. Once I made my first one [a simple grey one, like the one pictured with the pattern] my friends were begging for them – so I made them each their own unique headband for Christmas.





I also made a plain black one without a border & a medium-sized purple rosette, & a purple headband with a yellow 6-leaf flat flower that I forgot to take good pictures of before sending off as gifts.

For my best friend’s boyfriend, I made a simple rib-knit hat. I have yet to buy myself a set of circular knitting needles, so I do the best I can with patterns I have for straight needles. Either way, it turned out great & I was excited that I had successfully knitted a hat, & for a Christmas gift at that!

Extra gifts I made to go along with the headbands included a hand-painted scarf with a quote on it, & finger-less gloves. I honestly can’t remember where I found the pattern for the gloves, but this is the tutorial for the scarf.

The scarf could have turned out better, but I was amazed at how well it turned out the first time around in the first place, so I can’t dwell on it’s imperfections. It was a pain trying to figure out how & where to stretch it over cardboard & leave it somewhere to dry where it wouldn’t get walked on by Artie. But it worked out & the recipient seemed to enjoy it a lot.

So Christmas was a success. I wanted to make my dad a hat as well, but of course I had expected to get home & be able to whip out some more projects in the 10 or so days there were until Christmas, but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, I don’t think I did much knitting or crocheting at all in that time except some work on my first cable-knitted project, which I’ll have to post about later since I don’t have pictures of it & 2am isn’t the time to take some. Maybe tomorrow, since I’m heading back to school & [hopefully] I’ll be bored as hell once I get unpacked & settled back into my apartment. Hopefully.


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